Life in SF part 1

Ever since I moved to sf, I have become a pretty large social butterfly. My being from Puerto Rico and moving around all over the states, my being able to speak spanish and my being an utterly happy drunk help open up conversations. I enjoy going to programming events like attending Creative Commons at PariSoma and ruby meetups. I am infatuated with events sponsored by burning man groups like space cowboys and opulent temple . I enjoy wandering to sf festivals like the SF Jazz Festival and watching the Taiko Dojo perform in Japantown. I have made awesome friends with designers, developers, marketing people, djs, people in soft funky clothing, people running around half naked, etc.

Sf has been great as it has consistently taken its huge schlong and burst my different virgin bubbles these past ten months. First club I went to in SF had le Paul Van Dyk spinning around 3 am at 1015. I loved seeing the crazy awesomely decorated burning man floats at lovefest. The patrol cruiser was by far the float with the best music. I was overwhelmed at seeing old naked men and half naked women parading around in leather in public during the Folsom Fair. Due to this sensory overload, Sf has made me a lot more open minded, more artistic and at peace with myself.

There are always downsides to anything great. I have seen countless homeless people using half starving dogs to help them panhandle. I have had my laptop stolen. I have seen tranny prostitutes try to make an extra buck. I have had my share of crazy people both talk to me and hit on me. The prime example is when I was approached by a grimy, toothless man who I thought wanted money but instead wanted my number. I have been hit on by a guy with a unibrow on a bike who talked himself into thinking that I had a really jealous and overly muscular boyfriend that would beat him to a pulp. I was continuously honked at by a guy following me in his car while I was walking to the beach. I was hit on by an eighteen year old was determined to take me to the ‘clothing optional’ baker beach. Those are just a few things that I’ve had to deal with.

Not to say that I don’t love living in SF. Life in sf has been nothing but interesting and for the most part, I love my life. This is my blog. Enjoy.


Syd Gris is my new homeboy

My friend Larry ( referred me to I am loving it. I’m having an awesome time listening to this music and rocking out to it. I just need to upload these tracks to my ipod shuffle and I will be all set.

Getting pumped for Burning Man 2009.

Bring it.