What are the Three Things You Can’t Live Without?

I got inspired the other day to write about three of my daily necessities:

Dr. Bronner’s – one of the best fucking soaps ever . I mean, it’s called “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Soap, 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Bottle” for a reason. You can buy it in either liquid or bar form though I highly encourage getting the liquid form. I like buying it in its gallon form, which tends to last for about a year. What is so awesome about this soap? This organic soap penetrates through your pores to reach the deepest pits of your soul to make you feel extra fresh. The peppermint soap is by far, my favorite and every time I get this splashtastic minty liquid into my eyes, they burn in horror yet they feel oddly refreshing as well. That is about the extent of my masochism. Dr. Bronner’s is so awesome that one person even asked if she could use it on her pet cat . Another person commented that you could even use it to get rid of ants! The possibilities are endless!

Ipod shuffle – The ipod is probably one of the best things Apple has invented. I have the second generation shuffle and it works amazingly. The clip that attaches to my pants is extremely handy and prevents sketchy people from stealing it. It can hold 1GB of music and you use the shuffle or ‘play me in playlist’ mode. The price is pretty hard to beat and I love the colors they come in. It’s only downfall is that you need to have itunes open if you want to charge it and it’s hard to tell if you’re low on battery until the poor gizmo sputters and dies.

Glowsticks – What is the best way to get the party started? Pop out the glowsticks! Just crack these shiny little buggers and they last for hours. One of the best ways for them to last longer is to pop them in the microwave for a minute or two and they’re ready to go! Glowsticks are also great for finding lost items in a dark club like car keys or used condoms. They’re a great way to meet people too. Learn to twirl or spin them in awesome patterns and you’ll be the life of the party! From a previous incident, I would advise not to get any of the actual liquid on your skin for its chemical components make your skin burn. Best thing to do is run to a bathroom and wash it off before it gets any worse.


Charles the Raver

Charles the Raver


5 thoughts on “What are the Three Things You Can’t Live Without?

  1. “Glowsticks are also great for finding lost items in a dark club like car keys or used condoms”

    To preserve the sentimental value of the condoms, I assume?

  2. Haven’t dared to try Dr Bronner’s, but I use Kirk’s Coco Castile soap to wash fruits & vegetables. It’s getting hard to find…

    • You should try it sometime. You can get the 16 oz one (or whatever the smallest size is). I’m not sure if you can wash fruits/vegetables with Dr. Bronners but I’m sure you can do just about anything with it.

      I generally just rinse fruits and vegetables. They’re not dirty enough to use soap and worried about have a sudsy after taste.

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