Ice Skating at Yerba Buena

Two weeks ago, I went ice skating. The previous time that I had gone ice skating was when I was living in NY about a year and a half ago and I used to frequent Bryant park. To my surprise, Sf has an indoor ice rink that is located by the Yerba Buena Arts Center , by the bowling center. As I approached the building, I could see the smooth heavenly ice off in the distance and I was excited as a puppy given a new chew toy.

*Back in PR, ie Puerto Rico, we don’t have many ice rinks. The 70-90 degree temperature hinders us from having multiple cost effective ice rinks.

Admission is $8 for adults and $11 for both admission and rental skates. The ice rink was mostly empty except for my four friends and six other people. I learned that just about everyone ice skating at this hour were either aspiring figure skaters, part of a hockey team or just really bad ass. Although I am a bit of a klutz, I’m usually, pretty good about not falling on the ice. Not today.

I had forgotten that my ex roommate had been on a hockey team and was a really good inline ice skater. She impressed me by doing awesome backward moves and every once in awhile, she would take my hands and lead me. After being on the ice for twenty minutes, when she came around to try to take my hands, I increased my speed and we evolved into a game of tag which involved her going backwards and me trying to catch her. We were both grinning like children ready to dip our hands in a cookie jar when all of a sudden BAM! I fell stomach first onto the ice and its frosty bite nipped at my skin. Oohs eechoed in the ice rink and I had an employee help me up. My friend was wondering if I was ok and if I needed to leave the rink but I was just trying to breath normally again. My stomach burned and my knees were sore from the fall (I still have a bruise on my left knee from the incident.) I took another minute or two to regroup myself and then I proceeded to ice skate for the rest of the night. Thankfully, I didn’t fall again that evening.


5 thoughts on “Ice Skating at Yerba Buena

  1. Last time I went ice skating (on ice skates), I was in 7th grade. It was the state owned rink in Waltham. I fell and broke a tooth. I don’t even remember falling; Sudden impacts can do an etch-a-sketch clear on your brain. I wasn’t very good, so I either tripped on a crack in the ice, or more likely crossed my skates somehow and tripped.

    If I go ice skating again, I will wear a mouth guard.

    • Ouch. That sounds quite painful. I once had a sudden impact when I was a kid. I needed a new bike because I was too small for my old one and my dad suggested for me to try out his bike. I went a bit too fast and when I tried to go around the corner, I crashed really hard. For about a five minute span, I went blind. It was pretty traumatizing.

      And always good to wear gear.

      • It wasn’t very painful, similar to a fat lip. At the time, it was the largest composite that the dentist had ever done. And it failed about three times until the materials improved. He kept threatening me with a crown if it failed again.

        • That’s funny. Dentists and their equipment are pretty scary so make sure that that doesn’t happen again, capiche?

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