Why You Should Go to Burning Man

Sunday night, after attending the Sunset Lake Dance party , my friend and I went to a burger place to refuel our energy tanks. We overheard a conversation where this older guy was saying that burning man was overrated. He had gone to burning man twenty years ago and derived that burning man was just a bunch of topless women running around and that instead of paying so much money, he could just go down the block to see the same thing. I tried to explain to him that that wasn’t the purpose of burning man but he snickered. I got pissed off and made sure we promptly left.

I have not yet gone to burning man but I have attended just about all the burning man events held in San Francisco to make up for not attending the burn last year. I am sure burning man is ten million times more awesome than I could possibly ever imagine but even I know that you do not attend burning man just because there might be naked people running around.

First of all, Burning Man is not costly. You purchase your ticket which is a maximum value of about $300 and whatever travel tickets, gear, shelter, food and drinks you will need while you are out there. You can always figure out ways to save money like grabbing a ride from a friend. But the entire cost of the trip comes out to about $1000 and can be even less if you already have some/all of the gear or if you are staying with a camp. Here is an example of a burning man preparation list . (As you can tell, you needn’t bring everything on there like tiki torch lights.)

Burning man takes you away from everyday life and puts you in a harsh environment of extreme hot and freezing temperatures while being surrounded by other fellow campers with an added bonus of amazing art installations and beautiful music . Also, don’t forget those pesky dust storms.

Burning man uses art as a universal language where people express themselves through dance, music, art, crafts, etc. Because of this, there is a constant flow of awesomeness that encompasses these campgrounds. Sure, booze is plentiful and people may be in some sort of intoxicated state but the event is a mind blowing trip even if you are completely sober. You get lost in all the fun activities and art pieces surrounding you.

Burning man itself is a large community. You can think of it as a home away from home. People bond together and explore things they had never before imagined. The best part is that people are unusually understanding and take you in with open arms. As a community, burners enjoy giving away gifts and sharing unconditional love and only ask for you to share the same with others.

Burning man is a culture in itself. Saying that you discourage people from going to burning man because you can find topless women at your local bar is pretty ignorant. I hang out with my burning man friends so I can get away from close minded people like you. I was once pretty close minded myself but I am glad that I am not anymore. I am fond of the community because they accept me as I am. If you could live in a world where everything is fun and everyone is happy and unconditionally accepting, wouldn’t you want to be a part of it to? I can’t wait until Burning Man 2009.

If you are interested in attending burning man, here is the: first timers guide, an explanation on theme camps, on art installations and of course,
where to get burning man tickets.


8 thoughts on “Why You Should Go to Burning Man

  1. Burning Man rocks! just make sure you bring all friends you can, and get them to make the most creative crazy fun thing, theme camp you can.

    I been to playa its so much fun. But I wouldnt go back with out a RV even if its got 10 ppm in it.

    It’s all about what You would crate if you had the space to make anything!

    • Haha. Well, I’ve made a bunch of friends that will most probably be attending burning man so it should be fun. I do have a friend working on an interesting truck idea.

      And I should probably take welding classes.

    • Well, I wasn’t thinking of being a complete frugal bitch but I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to spend my life savings on burning man (though knowing me, I would probably do that willingly.)

  2. Well, you say you are open minded.. but you got really upset at the older man’s opinion and experience. So upset you had to remove yourself from the situation and then called him ignorant. Doesn’t sound very open minded.

    • Hmm, I guess you do have a point. I generally dislike it when people make assumptions about things – especially wrong assumptions. I probably shouldn’t have let it bother me and should have been more open to understanding why he thinks that way. Thanks! 🙂

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