Celebrities complaining about twitter accounts: Get over it

I am pretty pissed that people blame twitter for ruining their lives and in this specific case, are suing them for it. Tony la Russa is suing twitter for “trademark infringement, trademark dilution, cybersquatting, misappropriation of name and likeness, invasion of privacy, and intentional misrepresentation” (1) , etc. Cybersquatting? There currently tons of people cybersquatting domain names and they’re getting paid million of dollars. Next reason. Invasion of privacy? The paparrazi did not creep into your bed and take photos of you while you were sleeping so that one is out as well. You’re running out of plausible reasons.

Do you really think Twitter is going to stake out all the possible celebrity names just so that you don’t throw a tantrum ? There are literally a million ways that any celebrity name can be changed to be used as a celebrity profile and considering twitter’s exponential growth, do you really think they have the time to babysit you? Maybe if they got paid to but other than that, buzz off. They and everyone else around you have better things to do .

And the guy who used Tony la Russa’s screen name even said it was a parody. Where is your sense of humour? You weren’t born with one? That’s tragic. My condolences .

I am sick and tired of people like Tony la Russa and P diddy getting all worked up for nothing. At least everyone is starting to follow the #unfollowpdiddy trend. Why is it that every time something big and phenomenal happens some douchebag needs to ruin the fun for everyone? Twitter isn’t stealing social security numbers or breaking into your house so stop your complaining. Seriously dude, if you’re annoyed, go get yourself a twitter account and tell twitterers that it’s the real Tony la Russa. Shaq, Oprah and Ashton have jumped on board the twitter train. So, please do something constructive or leave it alone .

(1) == reference to mashable’s blog post on Tony la Russa suing Twitter


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