Arrest me! I’m a Twitter Gamer! A response post

This is a post in response to “Twitter declaring checkmate on Twitter Gamers” .

I love twitter for all its worth but even the best of us make mistakes. Twitter is trying to crack down on the ‘gamer’ community ie people that blast as many followers as possible and then unfollow the ones that don’t follow them back. They are trying to increase their follow/unfollow ratio and now, company brands and users are threatened with suspension if they continue following this ‘game.’ I find this to be absurd. I do not think the ratio game is hurting anyone and Twitter should be more preoccupied with more important tasks like getting rid of spammers on the site rather than punishing companies that are rolling in more money than Twitter is currently able to produce.

Twitter should rather put their efforts into enforcing a 200 new follower per day cap and boxing out spammers. Most everyday tweeters follow about a max of 100 new followers per day. Spammers are the only ones that have 962 followers with only 15 people following back. Spammers are polluting our twittersphere, not these ‘gamers’ that Twitter aims to get rid of. In addition, this gives the ‘gamer’ term a bad reputation as how the term ‘hackers’ has become perceived as something evil and malicious.

Sure, I don’t appreciate the company brand sending me tweets in all caps but other than that, they are completely harmless. Spammers, on the other hand, are associating me with their slutty profiles to tell me that I can get wanked off ten different ways if I decide to follow their links. In addition, it takes time and effort to continuously block these scoundrels for as soon as you block one of their accounts, some goblin that lives in a deep dark cave forms a new account under a different name and does it all over again. It is just as annoying as having the pre-recorded motor vehicle calls that tell you that your vehicle warranty has expired and continue to call you from different numbers until they use up your day minutes. (One day, we’ll get you. Until then, here’s how to fix it .)

Unless someone can prove to me that getting rid of gamers is more important than getting rid of spammers, then bull shit. I currently follow about 1500 people with about 1000 people following me back. Every once in awhile, I like going through my list and unfollow people who I do not find interesting so my readings are more relevant. If you wanted to, you could assume that I am trying to be a badass gamer and am attempting to break the Twitter rules . (Yup, that’s me.) In reality, I tweet about incoherent things like guns, unicorns and rabid poop throwing monkeys but I am not in my bedroom concocting an evil plan to sabotage Twitter and have the fail whale reign forevermore (even though I’m sure we all love seeing him.) Yet I could easily land on Twitter’s radar because of my method of following/unfollowing people, where I will be at risk for suspension. I am sure other people on Twitter who are not large celebrities or trying to sell a company brand employ the same method as I do. You don’t always know if you like the new follower and people are bound to change their opinions of other people’s tweets. It’s like going through your google reader and getting rid of articles that you don’t find interesting anymore. Or when you switch back and forth between different political leaders during an election.

I say we rip up the gamer rule and focus on more important things. Like fighting spammers and remembering to wear pants to work.


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