Response to @KuraFire’s Qwitter Post: Don’t You Love Me Anymore?

Here is @KuraFire’s post . I can’t seem to comment on his page for some reason.

Qwitter sounds “interesting” and like you mentioned, the seemingly negative comments makes it depressing for users to use their product. A real life example of Qwitter is if every breakfast, you always skipped to the obituaries. Some people get their jollies off of it (like mafia hit men) but for the rest of the world, you want to start your day off cheery, not with an email saying that your idol on twitter stopped following you because you told him that you “wanted him to slather mayo all over your body” on twitter (It feels sexy).

If you look at its homepage, the crying person is quite saddening and their example essentially tells me I am lame and therefore, you stopped following me.

SocialToo did a great job: telling you when someone is following you and when they aren’t. It balances things out and doesn’t feel like the site nor twitter people are gunning for you.

I think Qwitter should change their focus. They could change it so that when someone stops following you, you can poke them/send them an apology tweet or it gives you a list of people that you *can* dm. This idea is, of course, under construction.


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