The Awesomeness of Glee

Glee is one of the best aired television shows. The show portrays a broad range of ethnic teenage students that brood with teenage drama and are fitted with colorful outfits while singing memorable tunes . In the other corner, the teachers are duking it out with the main rivalry show-casting the glee choir teacher and the cheerleading teacher (who wants to shut down the choir permanently).

Even though the show takes place in Lima, Ohio, it attempts to include every ethnic background and all possible disabilities so everyone that is watching can feel special. The ‘in your face’ attitudes make you do a wide-eyed double take. And the fact that there is a whole slew of Broadway characters in the show makes it that more magical. The audience has sunk their teeth into this sweet crack (even those with dentures) and we cannot get enough. I haven’t seen anything as widely loved since the creation of the peanut butter jelly sandwich.

Support the Glee cause and let’s hope for its speedy return!


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