Ninja Cupcake -v 4

I can’t get this to resize properly to 640 x 800 so going to post this on wordpress because I’m pretty gosh darn proud of it (although it still looks slightly janky in wordpress because my max size is 499 x 385).


2 thoughts on “Ninja Cupcake -v 4

    • I was thinking of turning the design into a shirt.

      I originally submitted the design onto threadless’ critique page. I got as far as version 7 before a moderator told me to stop posting my link on other people’s pages. I can understand that some users spam other people’s pages with their links but in this case, we were helping each other with constructive criticism. The moderator’s suggestion was to ask my friends or tweet about it but who wants to bombard their friends with designs asking for critiques especially if said people have no design background.

      I am sure I’ll edit the drawing again soon and make an even better version of it!

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