About Me


I grew up in Puerto Rico and I am residing in the East Bay (California if you’re not sure where that is).

I enjoy watching sci fi movies, fantasy novels, eating pickled vegetables and sushi, dancing in the rain, going to fun burning man parties, drawing and being spontaneous. If you need to find me, I am probably running off socializing and making new friends.


My dream job is to immerse myself in the eSports world and/or work at a great gaming company writing fantastic video game articles. I am currently working on my gaming blog, Gamer Compatible, where I provide articles with varying opinions and showcase strong female representation in the gaming industry.

Other goals include traveling the world, learning new languages like Russian, Japanese and Sign Language, and starting my own company.

This is my blog. If you want to know more about my life, feel free to read it. You can also find me on Twitter: @ladyfox14, and on Instagram: @ladyfox14.