Stay Away: Three Highly Addictive Components

Here are three things that God deems as important and they have the same main ingredient: crack. (Don’t “crack” me up. Sorry, bad joke.) Enjoy.

Carmex – Put it on your lips and you will want to make out with yourself. The burning feeling on your lips is like bengay for the soul. You’ll start slathering this stuff on your lips as enthusiastically as your bald neighbor slathers magic hair cream on his head. Carmex is god. Remember that.

Cheetos – If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably heard me say how amazing cheetos are. The orange crack-filled coating is marketed to kids who obviously don’t eat enough junk food and somehow cheetos are able to get away with its odd curved penis shape. You are a sick sick person.

Computer and console games – You think you’ll only play for ten minutes before you head to work and four days later later, you’re still there but surrounded by empty bottles of coke and half eaten bags of chips. Your body is trying to adjust to the lack of action and your left eye starts twitching as your hands start shaking. When you eventually beat the head boss with your level 82 archer, you collapse onto your bed and break into a cold sweat. And then you pop open another can of Coke and do it again, in hope that you will beat it in less time and with your newly created character: the blinded folded paladin. For those of you that play console games, do you know how many different versions of Mario Brothers you’ve played in your entire lifetime? Think about it.


Join The Twitter Madness

For those of you that don’t know, Twitter is amazing. It is a “free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time” and supports free applications like twitterific , tweetie and twibble . People send tweets or messages that are composed of 140 characters or less to Twitter and it posts to your wall as well as sends out to people who are following you. You can direct message aka DM a person that you are following if they are following you back and you can use hashtags to reference your tweet to a specific topic or subject.

As of March 2008, there had been over 1 million users with 200,000 active users per week and over 3 million twitter messages per day. It is just over a year later and I am sure the company has grown exponentially since then. You can now find celebrities like Oprah and Ashton Kutcher online or if you don’t care about them, there are developer awesomeness like @dhh , @zedshaw , @obie , @patmaddox and @gilesgoatboy as well just to name a few. (For some reason, wordpress won’t save links to the screennames. -1.)

I enjoy using this service because it is an easy way to connect with people who have the same interests that I do. It feels more personal than talking on a forum. In addition, I can instantly get messages to know if the bart is having technical issues or to check out the latest 100 most awesome graphic designs. I have made many amazing friends through twitter. I am also a sucker for instant gratification and this service provides it for me. I had been able to follow the railsconf sessions through tweets and via IRC channel. @mattknox attended railsconf and was going to fill me in on the details but then realized I probably knew as much as he did.

On an interesting note, due to its 140 character cap, Twitter has also made me a better writer. I have been able to write more succint blog entries.

I want to thank twitter for being awesome, helping me be better and for bringing people closer together under its shiny twittersphere.