New Gaming Channel: Gamer Compatible

Hi guys!

In the past couple of months, I’ve been putting more time and effort into gaming and as a result, I had posted a couple of gaming reviews on this blog.

Starting today, I’ve created a new channel relevant to my gaming findings: Gamer Compatible. And with that, I’m porting my previously posted gaming reviews over to my new WordPress account:

If you’re interested in gaming or just like gaming, you can follow my new Twitter and Facebook account for more details: @gamercompatible. 

And no worries as I will still be posting on this blog. 



Join The Twitter Madness

For those of you that don’t know, Twitter is amazing. It is a “free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time” and supports free applications like twitterific , tweetie and twibble . People send tweets or messages that are composed of 140 characters or less to Twitter and it posts to your wall as well as sends out to people who are following you. You can direct message aka DM a person that you are following if they are following you back and you can use hashtags to reference your tweet to a specific topic or subject.

As of March 2008, there had been over 1 million users with 200,000 active users per week and over 3 million twitter messages per day. It is just over a year later and I am sure the company has grown exponentially since then. You can now find celebrities like Oprah and Ashton Kutcher online or if you don’t care about them, there are developer awesomeness like @dhh , @zedshaw , @obie , @patmaddox and @gilesgoatboy as well just to name a few. (For some reason, wordpress won’t save links to the screennames. -1.)

I enjoy using this service because it is an easy way to connect with people who have the same interests that I do. It feels more personal than talking on a forum. In addition, I can instantly get messages to know if the bart is having technical issues or to check out the latest 100 most awesome graphic designs. I have made many amazing friends through twitter. I am also a sucker for instant gratification and this service provides it for me. I had been able to follow the railsconf sessions through tweets and via IRC channel. @mattknox attended railsconf and was going to fill me in on the details but then realized I probably knew as much as he did.

On an interesting note, due to its 140 character cap, Twitter has also made me a better writer. I have been able to write more succint blog entries.

I want to thank twitter for being awesome, helping me be better and for bringing people closer together under its shiny twittersphere.

Crackweaselenespanol == deleted

I am a budding writer. Blogging takes a great deal of mental energy let alone trying to keep up with two new blogs.

I wanted to write a spanish version of but there are minor translating complications, many involving tech terms. It also seems that it would be easier to write up entirely new spanish posts rather than translate old english ones. I am expending far more energy than I would like to on right now so I am getting rid of that blog and keeping this one instead.

I am sorry and I hope you enjoy the rest of my blogs.

My method of blogging: weird or awesome?

I was encouraged to write about how I blog because it is an odd concept. Most people, when they want to write a blog either 1) pick up a pen and paper and start jotting ideas or 2) they grab their laptop and type furiously while trying to keep up with their overflowing thoughts. And if they are lucky enough, they blast out page after page of amazing stories that are then ready to be shared with the world. I, on the other hand, employ a completely different method. If you sit me in front of a computer or give me physical writing materials, I will probably only produce a couple lines of ideas and that is it. I thought I was abnormally lazy or had a lifetime’s worth of writer’s block but I never had trouble telling friends my awesome adventures. A couple days ago, I was thinking about how much I text and how twitter helps me compile my ideas together so I figured I would try texting out my blog. Oddly enough, it worked. I type about 130-140 characters per text, send it to my email and then paste the content to my blog. This process seems a bit roundabout and is not very RESTful. It also sucks that my phone will not let me send larger texts to my phone but hell, it gets the job done. This new found ingenious outlet has made me extremely giddy and I hope to be blasting out plenty awesomeness. I hope you enjoy my absurd stories. Also, Happy Square Root Day!

Life in SF part 1

Ever since I moved to sf, I have become a pretty large social butterfly. My being from Puerto Rico and moving around all over the states, my being able to speak spanish and my being an utterly happy drunk help open up conversations. I enjoy going to programming events like attending Creative Commons at PariSoma and ruby meetups. I am infatuated with events sponsored by burning man groups like space cowboys and opulent temple . I enjoy wandering to sf festivals like the SF Jazz Festival and watching the Taiko Dojo perform in Japantown. I have made awesome friends with designers, developers, marketing people, djs, people in soft funky clothing, people running around half naked, etc.

Sf has been great as it has consistently taken its huge schlong and burst my different virgin bubbles these past ten months. First club I went to in SF had le Paul Van Dyk spinning around 3 am at 1015. I loved seeing the crazy awesomely decorated burning man floats at lovefest. The patrol cruiser was by far the float with the best music. I was overwhelmed at seeing old naked men and half naked women parading around in leather in public during the Folsom Fair. Due to this sensory overload, Sf has made me a lot more open minded, more artistic and at peace with myself.

There are always downsides to anything great. I have seen countless homeless people using half starving dogs to help them panhandle. I have had my laptop stolen. I have seen tranny prostitutes try to make an extra buck. I have had my share of crazy people both talk to me and hit on me. The prime example is when I was approached by a grimy, toothless man who I thought wanted money but instead wanted my number. I have been hit on by a guy with a unibrow on a bike who talked himself into thinking that I had a really jealous and overly muscular boyfriend that would beat him to a pulp. I was continuously honked at by a guy following me in his car while I was walking to the beach. I was hit on by an eighteen year old was determined to take me to the ‘clothing optional’ baker beach. Those are just a few things that I’ve had to deal with.

Not to say that I don’t love living in SF. Life in sf has been nothing but interesting and for the most part, I love my life. This is my blog. Enjoy.