Connect Me with FutureRuby Stat!

FutureRuby is starting tomorrow (July 9th til the 12th) and it saddens me that I will not be there to revel in the geeky activities that are about to unfurl. As I was not able to attend Railsconf either, I wanted to make sure that I would still be a part of the oncoming pursuits. I interacted on the conference’s irc channel and have found this to the closest thing to knowing what is happening in the sessions less than having a live stream of the talks. You also get an added bonus of the audience’s amusing commentaries.

Secondly, I search for the FutureRuby hashtag via twitter (#futureruby) and start following people that are attending the conference. I aim to fill most if not all of my twitter stream with the conference’s references for those following couple days. With the knowledge that I amass in the irc stream and via twitter, I try to hold somewhat intellectual conversations with people.

As for the hooligans that are attending FutureRuby, may your brains be filled with new profound insights and may your nights be filled with many drunken revelries.

** I am assuming that the irc channel will be on freenode, with hashtag #futureruby. If this is not right, please ping me. Thanks.