11-16-11 Intense dream

First dream, I was at an arcade and the janitor was turning off the machines. I calculated that the most tickets one could win from a game was 26, which meant I to obtain all of these tickets in one sitting, I had to play a basketball game. I found a kiddy basketball game and I kept leaning over to place the ball in the hoop. At the end of the game, the machine started spitting out tickets and stated that it couldn’t spit out anymore tickets. I was happy because I got the 26 tickets that I wanted.

Second dream, I was at school getting ready to take a test. I was looking at the back of a notebook when I realized that someone had printed information in it. A dangerous person was impersonating my brother and I needed to do something with this information.

The dream switches over to my grandmother’s place. My family and I are in the apartment. The front wooden door has a gated door and both doors are wide open. A menacing guy down the hall is walking towards us. I tell my dad that we need to lock the doors immediately but we have no way to lock the gated door. Panic starts creeping in as we attempt to lock the wooden door. In the mean time, another guy had broken in downstairs and is making his way up the stairs. In my panic state, I am trying to take photos with my phone of the incriminating evidence saved on an old school phone. I was considering sending myself a copy of the text to my email but realized it might get deleted by the bad guys.

Dream sequence skips over to my family and I rushing to get into a green punch buggy. In my dream, I’ve realized that punch buggys do not have nearly enough room for five people.

Skip scenes again and we’re now in a supermarket. I take out all the money I have in my pocket and purchase $10 worth of pink train tickets from an atm. I usher my family out of the supermarket. I have an empty bookbag and a cooler with me. I rapidly start piling food and drink items into them. I am able to pack a liter of water, one container of juice (the top to the other container of juice was broken) and some other items including a plastic bag with three slightly decaying apples and a bruised mango. I search the fridge but I don’t find anything edible that will keep very long that doesn’t need cooking. I find a pantry full of asian foods. It hits me that packaged ramen and sealed noodles are the best preserved foods and I grab as many as I can. I also take a couple of panda cookies filled with chocolate to liven up everyone’s spirit. I notice a row of mini milk cartons but I don’t have anymore room in my bag. My dad comes over to tell me that we need to go. I run off with my weightless backpack and cooler and rush towards the train station next door.

Whenever I have these kind of dreams, I always wake up with tired legs.