Infected, Zombie Dream


I had several really weird dream sequences last night:

A dad was carrying his two kids on his shoulders into a building. One of them was wearing my teddy bear’s hat. That infuriated me and I bellowed at someone to fetch it.

Dream shift: I’m in a wooden house with my ‘family’. We’re fighting over whether to use the peanut butter and jam bottle or not (top half had peanut butter, bottom half had jam). A lot of commodities are banned because they are considered fun commodities including the peanut butter and jam bottle.

Dream shift: I’m hiding in a cupboard as a friendly armed lady passes through our house. A second lady gets struck by lightening and goes through the motions of tearing at her flesh. She has these white, demonic eyes and rushes to catch up to the first girl. A guy enters the house and he has the infected eyes as well. Somehow, I escape while the infected people are attacking the others.

Dream shift: I try to hop into several cars and am finally able to make it into an RV. I scream at the Mexican fellow to drive as I toss the rest of my belongings into the back of the car. As we’re driving away, I can see the infected kids off in the distance. We’re safe for now. Suddenly, the driver goes around a left bend and stops in front of an elementary school to drop me off. I’m horrified as the infected kids start surrounding the car. I yell at him to drive but he insists on dropping me off.

Dream shift: Somehow, the Mexican guy is on a horse. I’m holding onto his horse and another horse because in my dreams, two horses are better than one. We’re galloping away in a forest while two infected kids are chasing us at incredible speeds. At some point, the Mexican guy and his horse disappear as I am slowly trudging through a dark and swampy area. I’ve temporarily lost the infected kids as I venture further into the swamp.

Dream shift: I’m running up the stairs in this building when I run into a guy. I start freaking out but realize he’s not infected. We hide out in a large pantry area that has a stable door. I lock the bottom half of the door and as I was reaching to lock the top half, another guy shows up on the stairs. I start freaking out again but thankfully, it’s one of his non-infected friends. At some point, there are four guys and me hiding in the pantry area and now, we don’t even have the bottom door closed at all. As the guys are chatting away, I look down at my hands and I have blood on them.

And that’s when I woke up.