Infected, Zombie Dream


I had several really weird dream sequences last night:

A dad was carrying his two kids on his shoulders into a building. One of them was wearing my teddy bear’s hat. That infuriated me and I bellowed at someone to fetch it.

Dream shift: I’m in a wooden house with my ‘family’. We’re fighting over whether to use the peanut butter and jam bottle or not (top half had peanut butter, bottom half had jam). A lot of commodities are banned because they are considered fun commodities including the peanut butter and jam bottle.

Dream shift: I’m hiding in a cupboard as a friendly armed lady passes through our house. A second lady gets struck by lightening and goes through the motions of tearing at her flesh. She has these white, demonic eyes and rushes to catch up to the first girl. A guy enters the house and he has the infected eyes as well. Somehow, I escape while the infected people are attacking the others.

Dream shift: I try to hop into several cars and am finally able to make it into an RV. I scream at the Mexican fellow to drive as I toss the rest of my belongings into the back of the car. As we’re driving away, I can see the infected kids off in the distance. We’re safe for now. Suddenly, the driver goes around a left bend and stops in front of an elementary school to drop me off. I’m horrified as the infected kids start surrounding the car. I yell at him to drive but he insists on dropping me off.

Dream shift: Somehow, the Mexican guy is on a horse. I’m holding onto his horse and another horse because in my dreams, two horses are better than one. We’re galloping away in a forest while two infected kids are chasing us at incredible speeds. At some point, the Mexican guy and his horse disappear as I am slowly trudging through a dark and swampy area. I’ve temporarily lost the infected kids as I venture further into the swamp.

Dream shift: I’m running up the stairs in this building when I run into a guy. I start freaking out but realize he’s not infected. We hide out in a large pantry area that has a stable door. I lock the bottom half of the door and as I was reaching to lock the top half, another guy shows up on the stairs. I start freaking out again but thankfully, it’s one of his non-infected friends. At some point, there are four guys and me hiding in the pantry area and now, we don’t even have the bottom door closed at all. As the guys are chatting away, I look down at my hands and I have blood on them.

And that’s when I woke up.


Day 2 – Sushi Run

Dear Diary,

Ipod Song: “Yo No Se Mañana” by Luis Enrique.

A crisp 54 degrees and I’m bundled in winter clothes. Leather boots donned my legs as my tennis bag was slung over my shoulder. Hopefully, these thick layers will be my zombie biting salvation. Fortunately, no zombies in the bike shop. Christmas again?! I’ve always wanted a shiny new racing bike and a pink helmet. A box of health bars?! Don’t mind if I do.

Thinking on an empty stomach always makes me cranky and my day was going to be chock full of errands. Raiding a sushi shop sounds like a good idea. Let’s get our fill of sushi in before all the sushi in the world goes bad forever. Call me sentimental but I didn’t want to have another sushi craving for awhile.

Luckily for me, a sushi supermarket is located close to my house. Marbles probably would have had a ball there but he was too big for my bike. I poked a large enough hole in the window mesh in case I didn’t make it back and he needed to escape. Be safe, little buddy. I’ll be back before you know it.

5 minutes later and my shiny new bike is parked by the supermarket door. I pry the door open just enough so my body can squeeze through. My racket bag slides against the pristine floor. With a racket in one hand and a pan in the other, I ventured in.

As a sushi enthusiast, nothing is as beautiful as an array of sushi fish and seafood that is left unattended. The ice had not yet melted so there was still some hope left. I grabbed the plastic roll, tore off a bag and grabbed the nearest knife. It was magical and surreal as I was hacking off chunks of sushi: Sake, Maguro, Shiro Maguro, Yellowtail, Tai, Unagi, Toro, you name it. As I was filling up a fifth bag, I heard a distinct rustling. Shit, I can’t die in a sushi supermarket. More rustling. Adrenaline does funny things to you: your breath speeds up, your pupils dilate, your saliva production slows down or stops and your heart rate speeds up. Even through the five layers of clothing, a chill traveled down my spine.

One foot in front of the other. All of a sudden, a zombie popped out of the back room and lunged towards me. One swift forehand at his head and he stumbled. A second whack from behind. In the next instance, I was ramming the broken handle into his rotting head. Finally, he stopped moving.

A quick scan around the room as my breathing was slowing down. Another rustling, closer to the front of the store. I hastily pulled another racket out of my bag. My sweat glands were in overtime and my heart was about to jump out of my mouth. Right as I was going to whack the shaking plastic boxes, a puppy covered in dirt popped out. Poor thing, he seemed more scared than I. I bent down and took a look at the name tag: “Henry Stud Muffin.” “Good lord,” I thought as I mentally face palmed myself.

It was starting to get dark out. I searched the store and emptied a duffle bag. I stuffed the full sushi bags, several handfuls of pre-packaged Ikura, two knifes with coverings, a roll of twine, a pair of heavy duty gloves, fresh vegetables, a couple bags of chips and six water bottles into the duffle bag while I carefully put the puppy into my book bag. He was so tired, he didn’t even make a sound. I grabbed some of the twine and I forcefully tied two boxes of ramen to the bike’s handlebars. “That’s enough adventures for one day”, I thought as I biked back home.

Back at the house, I gave Marbles a huge hug and kiss. He was such a good boy. I closed the window that had been partially open and placed Henry in the shower area. After pouring two bottles of water on the little furrball, he was as good as new. With my remaining energy, I cooked us up a feast. Sushi, Ikura, vegetables, steak and ramen for everyone!

All this food was making my blood rush to my stomach and it has been hard to think straight. I tiredly check all the windows and doors before cozying up next to Marbles and Henry on the bed. Yawn.

Good night diary,




Day 1: The Zombies are Coming

Dear Diary,

I know that I haven’t written a diary entry in years now but I figured I’d start it up again today.

Please don’t mind my terrible handwriting – my nerves are frayed and it’s hard to see straight when you’re crying. First, I’d like to give a shout out to my iPod Touch. Without it, I’d be listening to the terrible moans outside and I would have torn all my hair out by now. Second, I would like to thank Spotify for having offline playlists that work with iPod Touches. Without Spotify, I’d be be stuck listening to iTunes music selections from 2000. And third, I’d like to pat myself on the back for purchasing that solar powered charger last Christmas. Fuck yeah for impulse purchases.

It’s 6 pm or at least that’s what my watch says. I wish I could go to sleep but all I can do is rock back and forth until this wave of nausea settles down. Marbles is lucky. He finally exhausted himself and he’s sound asleep. He should have enough cat food for about two weeks but I’m not sure what to do then. The Pet Food store is about a half an hour walk from my house and frankly, I don’t have any handy weapons lying around the house (should have bought that baseball bat when I had the chance). The closest police station is about an hour walk and I have no clue what I’d do once I get there. I feel like the token Asian for a bad horror movie.

Electricity and water are still running. I don’t suspect this will last for long. I need to add a camping burner to my list of things to procure.

Here’s my list so far:

*camping burner
*cat food
*waterproof matches
*baseball bat or other interesting weapon choice (machete? gun? flamethrower?)
*gauze/band aids
*fish hooks
*beef jerky
*vegetables and fruit (underrated in a zombified world)
*large water container (preferably a portable basin)
*duct tape
*first aid kit
*trash bags
*paperback books (they’re lighter than hardcover books)

I have absolutely no clue as to how I plan on getting to the store or back in one piece. Once again, I wish my boyfriend and I had saved enough money and moved into an apartment with a bathtub. As a kid that has lived through annual hurricane seasons, bathtubs are handy when you want to consolidate water. Since I’ll have to make do, I have filled up every bucket, pot, bottle and solid container in the house with water. I’ll probably be good for a couple of days. As for food, I have enough pasta and udon to feed a car full of clowns for a month. I’ll need to cook all of the meat in the fridge before the electricity powers off.

Yes, I know I’m blabbing. I’m scared shitless. My boyfriend is still out there and I have no clue if I’ll ever see him again. He forgot to charge his phone last night and his phone died before the shit storm occurred. I wish he was here. He’d know what to do. He always knows what to do. I fucking miss him and I’m going to start crying again. At this rate, I’ll die of dehydration rather than from a zombie bite. Wouldn’t that be ironic. I wish I could tell him that I love him. Fuck, I’m crying.

Let’s talk about what happened. Movies and pop culture refer to them as zombies or ‘the walking dead’. They always tell you the origins of the zombies, how it occurred, what happens when zombies are loose and basically, pokes fun at the remaining survivors. Unfortunately, most zombie movies/books/comics don’t have a nice fairy tale ending.

We’ll go back to earlier in the day. One second, I was making breakfast, the next, a blood curling scream. I rushed over to the window and saw a bloody lifeless body on the road several blocks away. People had rushed out of their cars and were staring at the pool of blood that was expanding at an alarming rate. Someone started frantically yelling for an ambulance even though we all somehow knew that the person was probably dying. People starting sobbing as others finally snapped to and were calling for help. At that point, I suddenly smelled smoke in the house as I rushed to turn the stove off. Damn it. I burnt my eggs. I rushed back to the window right when the screaming started again. Everyone was running away like ants pouring out of an anthill. I didn’t understand what was happening at first until I realized that there were new bodies on the ground and were coming back to life. No one loses that much blood and lives to tell the tale. Fuck me. I just about crapped my pants.

I locked all the doors, made sure all the windows were closed and have been waiting ever since. I can hear my upstairs neighbors whimpering whenever my music gets too quiet. If I didn’t think I’d attract zombies, I’d tell them to pipe down. We’re all doomed.

Well, diary, today was damn shitty. I’m going to find my boyfriend if it’s the last thing I do and then we’ll get the items on my list before things get even worse. If God wants to show up, I wouldn’t object to a gun falling out of the sky. Or two.

Good night,


SF Coderetreat 2011 Success!

Of the 50 participants that rsvp’ed to the event, about 25 showed up:

We started at 9:30 am and our general plan for the day was the following:

1: get our feet wet and try to understand the problems

2: maybe try something other than 2D array?

3: focus on names during this session
4: think about working on exercises either super TDD or super OO.
5: go nuts and try something totally different
6: power went out around 5 pm so everyone went home
Mostly everyone worked on Ruby on Rails or Javascript. One guy tried using Dart and another tried Matlab during one of the sessions.

I missed my Skype call with Samir for 9:30 because we initially had problems accessing the wifi at Engine Yard (sorry Samir!) We were able to make our 10 am Skype Call with Cincinnati and seems like everything over there was going great. We also had a Skype call with Corey later on in the day while he was in Honolulu and that was exciting.

After each 45 minute session, we had a 15 minute introspective talk. We were able to take videos of most of these wrap ups and lots of photos, which we are going to post soon.

Beverages and beer were provided by Engine Yard and there was much rejoicing. We had plenty of breakfast items and snacks but went out to grab lunch. Next Coderetreat, I plan on purchasing less breakfast items and instead purchase simple sandwiches for everyone in case people would rather stay at the office during the break.

One of our participants brought us shirts, stickers and wrestling head gears from the Mexico Coderetreat.

People started trickling out/getting tired around 4 pm. Power went out around 5 and people were pretty tired so we wrapped it up.

Some of the feedback we received included having more than one problem set (other than Conway’s Game of Life) as the participants were mostly able to figure out the code by the 4th session. Second feedback was having pre-assigned partners for the 1st session and then letting everyone choose whoever they wanted to pair with after that.

Overall, everyone really enjoyed the event and said they would come back to it again. I met up with one participant to return him his charger and he told me that he was looking forward to the next one!

Thank you Corey for making all of this happen and for the help and thank you Jim for guiding me in the right direction.

SF Coderetreat Hostess

11-16-11 Intense dream

First dream, I was at an arcade and the janitor was turning off the machines. I calculated that the most tickets one could win from a game was 26, which meant I to obtain all of these tickets in one sitting, I had to play a basketball game. I found a kiddy basketball game and I kept leaning over to place the ball in the hoop. At the end of the game, the machine started spitting out tickets and stated that it couldn’t spit out anymore tickets. I was happy because I got the 26 tickets that I wanted.

Second dream, I was at school getting ready to take a test. I was looking at the back of a notebook when I realized that someone had printed information in it. A dangerous person was impersonating my brother and I needed to do something with this information.

The dream switches over to my grandmother’s place. My family and I are in the apartment. The front wooden door has a gated door and both doors are wide open. A menacing guy down the hall is walking towards us. I tell my dad that we need to lock the doors immediately but we have no way to lock the gated door. Panic starts creeping in as we attempt to lock the wooden door. In the mean time, another guy had broken in downstairs and is making his way up the stairs. In my panic state, I am trying to take photos with my phone of the incriminating evidence saved on an old school phone. I was considering sending myself a copy of the text to my email but realized it might get deleted by the bad guys.

Dream sequence skips over to my family and I rushing to get into a green punch buggy. In my dream, I’ve realized that punch buggys do not have nearly enough room for five people.

Skip scenes again and we’re now in a supermarket. I take out all the money I have in my pocket and purchase $10 worth of pink train tickets from an atm. I usher my family out of the supermarket. I have an empty bookbag and a cooler with me. I rapidly start piling food and drink items into them. I am able to pack a liter of water, one container of juice (the top to the other container of juice was broken) and some other items including a plastic bag with three slightly decaying apples and a bruised mango. I search the fridge but I don’t find anything edible that will keep very long that doesn’t need cooking. I find a pantry full of asian foods. It hits me that packaged ramen and sealed noodles are the best preserved foods and I grab as many as I can. I also take a couple of panda cookies filled with chocolate to liven up everyone’s spirit. I notice a row of mini milk cartons but I don’t have anymore room in my bag. My dad comes over to tell me that we need to go. I run off with my weightless backpack and cooler and rush towards the train station next door.

Whenever I have these kind of dreams, I always wake up with tired legs.

Take 2: My ‘Mostly Vegetarian/Pescetarian’ Diet

As posted in Wikipedia: “The word meat comes from the Old English word mete, which referred to food in general.”

How much meat do you eat daily? Weekly? Monthly?

We mass produce meat in animal factories and we consume more meat than necessary. Supermarkets supply meat in bulk. Every restaurant has a plethora of meat options. Asian restaurants, such as Vietnamese cuisine, serve primarily meat dishes.

Like millions of other people, I am a gluttonous carnivore. As @mattknox likes to say, “I only eat animals that eat other animals.”

My goal was to survive a whole month eating significantly less meat.

As one who eats meat at every meal, it’s a bit challenging being on a ‘mostly vegetarian/pescetarian’ diet. It’s like telling a junkie that their dealer is going on vacation or telling a kid not to eat said marshmallow.

My experimental diet consisted of consuming less meat: more vegetables and more seafood. A similar diet is the paleolithic diet. I did not want my diet to be as strict (no grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils) so I modified it to my liking.

First step: finding restaurants that serve vegetarian/pescetarian dishes. Second step: finding a restaurant that actually serves good tasting food. And third step: finding these restaurants in your area.

One of the things that I noticed is that most vegetarian/pescetarian dishes are fried:

Fried tofu, fried calamari, fried spring rolls.

The best way to avoid these unhealthy dishes is to cook your own food rather than dine out.

Within a week, my body felt less bogged down and cleaner. I felt more refreshed and sticking to vegetables was getting easier everyday.

I was only able to keep up with the ‘mostly pescetarian’ diet for two weeks. I tend to forget that I’m anemic. Anemia is a condition where the body is not able to produce enough red blood cells to carry iron and oxygen to your system. With the decrease of meat in my diet, I experienced fatigue, dizziness and often times, would feel confused.

I am now back on my carnivore regimen and am looking to modify it again in the near future to a more balanced diet.