Day 1: The Zombies are Coming

Dear Diary,

I know that I haven’t written a diary entry in years now but I figured I’d start it up again today.

Please don’t mind my terrible handwriting – my nerves are frayed and it’s hard to see straight when you’re crying. First, I’d like to give a shout out to my iPod Touch. Without it, I’d be listening to the terrible moans outside and I would have torn all my hair out by now. Second, I would like to thank Spotify for having offline playlists that work with iPod Touches. Without Spotify, I’d be be stuck listening to iTunes music selections from 2000. And third, I’d like to pat myself on the back for purchasing that solar powered charger last Christmas. Fuck yeah for impulse purchases.

It’s 6 pm or at least that’s what my watch says. I wish I could go to sleep but all I can do is rock back and forth until this wave of nausea settles down. Marbles is lucky. He finally exhausted himself and he’s sound asleep. He should have enough cat food for about two weeks but I’m not sure what to do then. The Pet Food store is about a half an hour walk from my house and frankly, I don’t have any handy weapons lying around the house (should have bought that baseball bat when I had the chance). The closest police station is about an hour walk and I have no clue what I’d do once I get there. I feel like the token Asian for a bad horror movie.

Electricity and water are still running. I don’t suspect this will last for long. I need to add a camping burner to my list of things to procure.

Here’s my list so far:

*camping burner
*cat food
*waterproof matches
*baseball bat or other interesting weapon choice (machete? gun? flamethrower?)
*gauze/band aids
*fish hooks
*beef jerky
*vegetables and fruit (underrated in a zombified world)
*large water container (preferably a portable basin)
*duct tape
*first aid kit
*trash bags
*paperback books (they’re lighter than hardcover books)

I have absolutely no clue as to how I plan on getting to the store or back in one piece. Once again, I wish my boyfriend and I had saved enough money and moved into an apartment with a bathtub. As a kid that has lived through annual hurricane seasons, bathtubs are handy when you want to consolidate water. Since I’ll have to make do, I have filled up every bucket, pot, bottle and solid container in the house with water. I’ll probably be good for a couple of days. As for food, I have enough pasta and udon to feed a car full of clowns for a month. I’ll need to cook all of the meat in the fridge before the electricity powers off.

Yes, I know I’m blabbing. I’m scared shitless. My boyfriend is still out there and I have no clue if I’ll ever see him again. He forgot to charge his phone last night and his phone died before the shit storm occurred. I wish he was here. He’d know what to do. He always knows what to do. I fucking miss him and I’m going to start crying again. At this rate, I’ll die of dehydration rather than from a zombie bite. Wouldn’t that be ironic. I wish I could tell him that I love him. Fuck, I’m crying.

Let’s talk about what happened. Movies and pop culture refer to them as zombies or ‘the walking dead’. They always tell you the origins of the zombies, how it occurred, what happens when zombies are loose and basically, pokes fun at the remaining survivors. Unfortunately, most zombie movies/books/comics don’t have a nice fairy tale ending.

We’ll go back to earlier in the day. One second, I was making breakfast, the next, a blood curling scream. I rushed over to the window and saw a bloody lifeless body on the road several blocks away. People had rushed out of their cars and were staring at the pool of blood that was expanding at an alarming rate. Someone started frantically yelling for an ambulance even though we all somehow knew that the person was probably dying. People starting sobbing as others finally snapped to and were calling for help. At that point, I suddenly smelled smoke in the house as I rushed to turn the stove off. Damn it. I burnt my eggs. I rushed back to the window right when the screaming started again. Everyone was running away like ants pouring out of an anthill. I didn’t understand what was happening at first until I realized that there were new bodies on the ground and were coming back to life. No one loses that much blood and lives to tell the tale. Fuck me. I just about crapped my pants.

I locked all the doors, made sure all the windows were closed and have been waiting ever since. I can hear my upstairs neighbors whimpering whenever my music gets too quiet. If I didn’t think I’d attract zombies, I’d tell them to pipe down. We’re all doomed.

Well, diary, today was damn shitty. I’m going to find my boyfriend if it’s the last thing I do and then we’ll get the items on my list before things get even worse. If God wants to show up, I wouldn’t object to a gun falling out of the sky. Or two.

Good night,



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