Sleep Talking With My Boyfriend


The other night, I fell sleep super early because I was absolutely exhausted. I occasionally yell stuff in my sleep (usually at the younger dream versions of my siblings). That night, it was a bit different. Here’s how the night went:

Me: (puts blanket over my eyes and falls asleep)

Sometime later:

Me: (removes blanket from my eyes and sits upright in bed looking wide awake)

Talking to my bf: “Am I behind?”

Bf: (looks at me terribly confused) “What?”

Me: “Am I behind?”

Bf: “What?”

Me: “Am I behind?”

Bf: “Behind in what?”

Me: “I was behind last time.”

Bf: “Behind in what?”

Me: “Behind in cheese.”

Bf: “What cheese?”

Me: “You’re so confusing.”

Me: (lies back down and closes eyes)

When I actually woke up later that evening, my bf asked me if I remembered waking up earlier. That’s when he told me the conversation we had. My bf thought that if the dialogue wasn’t so funny, he would have been seriously freaked out (frankly, I would have been too).

We’ve both agreed that if I start sleep walking, he’s going to wake me up so I don’t crash into the heater.


Image reference:

Cowgirl Creamery


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