Showing the World: One Day at a Time

I am a stubborn mother fucker and I know it. Most of my friends know this. I do not plan on changing my behavior anytime soon. There are few times I compromise in situations. I prefer employing the ‘all or nothing’ strategy. In this case, I get what I want or look for it elsewhere.

After reading that, some people probably think I am crazy. I already know people that think I am crazy for not taking up opportunities just because it compromises who I am and what I believe in. Like how people are passionate about religion, I am passionate about my core beliefs.

Yes, I know that by having so many requirements I am limiting myself. I am possibly hindering myself from growing faster but I enjoy being different and I do not want to change this part of me. I thrive on proving people wrong because I know through perseverance and hard work, I can get what I want. Sure, it may take a bit longer but when I want something, I make sure I get the results that I want.

I am not entirely crazy. Eventually, I plan to start a company and if I am offered a large sum of money in exchange for selling it, I will weigh the options and make a rational decision. In this scenario, the welfare of others in addition to the future of the company are large deciding factors so I need to consider these as well. In reality though, my current decisions only affect me so I play by different rules. I am the only one facing the consequences. so I will play the ‘all or nothing’ game and I aim to win.

My favorite thing to tell my friends is that I know I will eventually become famous or infamous. And in due time, I I will be worth something. Until then, I will try my hardest to be the awesome person I know I can be.

* If my constant swearing bothers you, don’t read my blog. On the other hand, if you enjoy me swearing like a pirate (and I plan on doing a lot more of it), then keep reading. I like having readers. Even though I am writing for the sake of staying sane, I like knowing that people may care about what I write.



8 thoughts on “Showing the World: One Day at a Time

  1. “Like how people are passionate about religion, I am passionate about my core beliefs.”

    The definition of religion is core beliefs. In other words, your core beliefs are YOUR religion!

    Anyway, keep being yourself and believing in your religion – you are doing good so far πŸ™‚ The fact that people love you means you are doing something right.

  2. Again, you think there is a difference, but in fact there isn’t. Not eating meat is a part of many religions. Religion is the formalized group of beliefs of a person. To me it’s pretty stupid that so many people choose a common set instead of establishing their own … πŸ™‚

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